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At Jilsa Management we understand the HOA/Condo management and real estate landscape in South Florida and the importance of effective community management for our board members.

At Jilsa Management we are very proud of the management services we provide, and we believe that if you talk to a Jilsa property manager you are getting some of the best services in the real estate industry. Our association management services are comprehensive and customizable. We are able to offer everything from full service management to simple application/ARC processing and resident relations. The amount of support your HOA/ Condo needs is up to you.

Additionally, the managers at Jilsa are some of the best Licensed CAM’s in the industry.

Jilsa management specializes in providing full service HOA/ Condo management services to West Palm Beach and its surrounding areas in Palm Beach County. We offer customizable services for communities not in need of full service management. To learn more get in contact with us today.

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Why Choose Us Over Other Property Management Companies in West Palm Beach?

Jilsa Management takes a personal property management approach to new levels. We provide our board members and communities with unprecedented access to our property managers and staff. The property management support we provide for our communities is never limited to just Monday to Friday. We can handle the day-to-day operations of most mid-sized communities. While our business focus aims to provide the personal touch that our communities and boards have come to appreciate. On top of this, we at Jilsa property management believe in investing in modern platforms allowing both a higher standard of service for your residents while still leveraging technology to improve our business and your community. We provide all our residents with online portals allowing them to pay their rent, maintenance dues, submit maintenance requests, or view and update their details from their phones. We believe this is a great way of keeping in touch with our residents while improving the service we provide our board members.

About Jilsa Management

Jilsa Management's Unique Approach to Property Management

Jilsa Management is an experienced family-owned enterprise providing property management services along with grounds maintenance services to our communities in Florida.

We approach property management in a very different way from other property management companies.

Our focus is on building positive communities rather than maintaining residents, all the while leveraging modern technologies to keep our property management operation efficient.

From offering enhanced full service management options to our ever-changing communities. We understand that some communities cannot afford or may not need this type of service. For these HOA’s / Condos we utilize our scale and technologies to offer custom tailored options outside of the typical full service management.

We try our hardest to put a face on our company. Our Jilsa property specialists are known to the residents that they serve in every community that we manage. Our property managers are always available to talk about anything and aim to provide a personalized service that we believe all our residents deserve.

We service a multitude of locations in South Florida and the greater Florida market. To find out what services are available in your area please give us a call today.

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