West Palm Beach Condo and HOA Management

Why do I have to pay Association fees?

You just moved into a new condo or HOA community, the homes look perfect and the landscaping is pristine. The security guards are nice and the pool is always sparkling. You like the area that you live but you always wonder why you have to pay the high association fees and what they cover. I … Continue reading "Why do I have to pay Association fees?"

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Changing Your Association Management Company

Posted by Shaun Patterson on Aug 19, 2018 12:02:58 PM I know everyone usually thinks its easy to change management companies that work with your community. Its not as simple as  sending an email and everyone will live happily ever after. Here we have compiled some things to actually look out for when you finally decide … Continue reading "Changing Your Association Management Company"

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Associations and Approvals

Now a days we often dread the interview and application process when buying a home in a new association community. It often leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. This is mostly due to the extremely slow application process and the lack of understanding that you have a life outside of the association. You end … Continue reading "Associations and Approvals"

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