Our Difference


Know The Industry

Over 40 Years Of Experience In HOA & Property Management

Jilsa Management takes our personal management approach to new levels. We provide our board members and communities with unprecedented access to our property managers and staff. Our support for our communities is never limited to just Monday to Friday 9-5pm. We are big enough to handle the day to day operations of most mid-sized communities. While our business focus aims to provide the personal touch that our communities and boards have come to appreciate.

Our Insurance Policies

Jilsa Management currently retains 1 Million in E&O Insurance and General Liability Insurance, $250k in Tenant Discrimination Insurance, and $250k/$500k/$250k in Workers Comp Coverage. All of our insurance policies are currently held with USLI Group - a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Property managers errors and omissions insurance – also known as property managers professional liability insurance. This type of insurance is in place to safe guard against property manager negligence and blatant failure of the management company to perform the duties as promised in the contract.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance safe guards against claims relating to the premises, product, completed operations, and fire liability. It can also protect business from personal, advertising, injury and medical expenses.

Tenant Discrimination Insurance

Tenant Discrimination coverage safe guards against claims relating to lawsuits brought by current, prospective, or former tenants or applicants alleging discrimination.

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers comp Insurance protects employees that are injured on the job. Employers with more than 3 employees are required to have this type of coverage. Some companies try to go around this requirement by hiring contractors. If this is done contractors should also maintain insurance coverage as your association may be liable if they get injured on site.


Technology Focused, Family Oriented

Changing the way you think about Property Management, one client at a time.

Residents can access private secure online portals that will allow them to handle a multitude of options such as:

  • Make payments on the computer or smart phone or tablet.
  • View payment history and set up auto pay for future payments.
  • Submit maintenance request
  • Update their homeowners polices and save copies online.
  • If renting is allowed – Update their tenant information and upload copies of leases
  • A shared documents area that residents can view and download all association documents or notices in one location (updated in real time).
  • Submit Architectural reviews through resident portals.
  • Update contact information or mailing addresses in real time.

In addition to the above-mentioned resident portal features, board members also have the below mentioned options:

  • On top of the shared documents feature that everyone has access to. Board members have a special Board Only location that association specific documents or notices privy only to board members are held.
  • A streamline approval process. Easy simplified access to approve or reject bills as they are uploaded. This all can be done online or through our mobile app.
  • The intergrated group chat feature built in to ask questions or give feedback before approvals are given.
  • Board members also have many other options available for use.

All association rules are now uploaded and saved online for easy violation processing.

  • All property managers can now record violations from there tablets or smartphones with pictures included and notate the exact rule that was violated.
  • The date it happened, and a brief description can also be included.
  • This automatically gets uploaded the residents account. This can then be approved by the board and mailed or emailed to the resident.
  • Every step of the process is saved to the residents account from start to finish so nothing falls through the cracks.
Board meetings can be less time consuming and more productive for all in attendance.
  • Dedicated video or audio conference lines for residents that are out of state.
  • TV’s or projectors outlining important documents, agendas, financial statements for residents in attendance to view.
  • Minimal paper usage. This saves the associations out of pocket expense for printing and copying cost.
  • All pertinent meeting information uploaded to resident portals for access after the meeting.
  • Simple system to differentiate from residents opting in for electronic notices and those wanting otherwise.
  • Every community has alerts set up to remind us of upcoming important events such as annual meetings, budget meetings, and insurance renewals.
Residents can alert management to service issues a multitude of ways.
  • Residents can send maintenance and service request through these online portals using the computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • They can call in to our 24-hour contact center to alert our staff to any maintenance or service issues.
  • All service/ maintenance request are tracked and time/date stamped for accountability.
  • Pictures and documents can be uploaded to online request to help staff understand the situation.
  • Follow up emails are sent to residents to verify work completion, service quality, and employee etiquette.