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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Boynton Beach, South Florida that provides an outstanding service?

If you are, then try Jilsa Management’s property management services for your rental space!

Jilsa Management operates out of West Palm serving property owners of multi-family residences, HOA or condominium associations, and grounds maintenance services.

As a family-owned firm, we’re deeply committed and have a long-term outlook on providing the best property management service for South Florida communities.

Jilsa Management is highly focused on providing a hassle-free environment for both property owners and their tenants, no matter if this is your first investment property or not. We’re always in tune with the needs of your tenants and ensure your investment properties are perfectly maintained.

We offer all Florida landlords a variety of services including, tenant placement, bookkeeping, collecting rent, drafting a property management agreement, property maintenance and repair, and performing move-in and move-out inspections.

Let Jilsa Management property management company, handle your investment property in Boynton Beach FL, South Florida. We can help you achieve optimal returns and gain peace of mind.

Contact our residential property managers today for inquiries at (888) 863 1811. We’re ready to deliver the finest property management rental services for your multi-family units!

Our Property Management Services


With Jilsa Management, landlords can expect a comprehensive set of Boynton Beach FL property management rental services such as tailored leases, property improvements, strategic advertising, rental rate analysis, and attentive tenant servicing. All of which will give any Florida landlord peace of mind.

But here is a bit more detail on what services we offer:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Marketing multiple units in Boynton Beach FL requires a more strategic approach, you need to understand the real estate market. You will need to use multiple listing service sites to get the most out of your opportunity.

So, a landlord must know their target market well, sell the amenities, understand security deposits, and know the best features that renters search for. At Jilsa Management we are experts in advertising multi-family properties and have a professional team to conduct proper marketing campaigns. This ensures that any vacancies are filled by quality tenants, quickly.

Tenant Screening Process

Even if you have plenty of people interested in your Boynton Beach FL property, screening them is still required. When screening potential tenants for your rental properties, your goal is to end up with a high-quality tenant who can grow your rental investment through consistent payment and reasonable property maintenance.

Jilsa conducts a pre-screening process and assesses renters based on the stability of their income, rental history, clean criminal record, and satisfactory credit score. We’ll only welcome applicants who can match our standards to protect our clients and their properties.

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Rent Collection

With numerous rent payments to monitor, it’s sensible to have an up-to-date rent system for your Boynton Beach property. At Jilsa Management our property managers can collect rent, and optimize the monthly rental value compared to the rental market.

If payments are delayed, we send the proper notices immediately. We also vigorously enforce the collection policies detailed in the leasing agreement.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Managing a single unit alone as a landlord can be done. But keeping multi-family properties in an outstanding state can require plenty of support.

Jilsa Management ensures a prompt response to maintenance requests with our 24/7 call center available to handle all property-related requests including property inspections. We see to it that your tenants’ requests are fulfilled, and they remain updated regarding the status of any of their issues.

Additionally, our Boynton Beach property managers will schedule a quarterly property inspection of your Boynton Beach property. As the earlier we spot concerning property issues, the lower repair costs you’ll be facing.

Detailed Financial Reporting

It can be a challenge to keep your financial reports in order when handling a multi-family unit. But the property managers at Jilsa Management have the resources and necessary skills to handle all bookkeeping.

Some Boynton Beach property management companies provide reports you don’t need. But we will only send you vital financial reports that show your monthly income and expenses plus other useful financial statements that detail your business performance.

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About Boynton Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach is known as the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area.

In terms of amenities, Boynton Beach offers many transportation options such as the Tri-Rail station and local buses by PalmTran. For educational institutions, Boynton Beach ranks as the 5th largest school district and 12th largest in the US.

Residents enjoy living in Boynton Beach for its popular beaches, amazing restaurants, and fun water recreation options. Families also appreciate the wide choices of quality schools in the area. Weather-wise, Boynton Beach offers sunny summers and mild winters.

Here are interesting places to see in Boynton Beach, Florida:

    1. Gulfstream Park
    2. Schoolhouse Children’s Museum
    3. Oceanfront Park Beach
    4. Boynton Beach Golf Course
    5. Wakodahatchee Wetlands
    6. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
    7. Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands
    8. Boynton Inlet
    9. Seacrest Scrub Natural Area
    10. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Source: Wikipedia


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Services Offerd

Property Marketing and Advertising
Tenant Screening and Placement
Rent Collection and Financial Management
Property Maintenance and Repairs
Lease Agreement Preparation and Enforcement
Regular Property Inspections
Handling of Legal and Compliance Issues
Eviction Management (if necessary)
24/7 Emergency Response
Detailed Financial Reporting

Prompt Response to Maintenance Requests
Clean and Well-Maintained Properties
Professional Tenant Communication
Fair and Transparent Lease Agreements
Safe and Secure Living Environment
Access to Online Tenant Portals for Rent Payment and Maintenance Requests
Quick Application Processing
Responsive and Attentive Property Management Team
Access to Amenities (if applicable)
Hassle-free Move-in and Move-out Processes

Real Estate Investment Consultation
Property Value Assessment and Enhancement Suggestions
Property Renovation and Improvement Services
Property Insurance Coordination
Home Warranty Services
Vendor Management and Coordination
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Recommendations
Community Engagement and Events Coordination
Tenant Retention Programs
Market Analysis and Rent Adjustment Recommendations

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