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Are you looking for  HOA management in Atlantis? Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Palm Beach County, Florida, lies the city of Atlantis—a hidden gem that embodies the essence of South Florida living. With a population of nearly 104,031 residents as of 2014, Atlantis stands as one of the principal cities in the Miami metropolitan area, contributing to the region’s dynamic cultural tapestry and economic vitality.

As the oldest municipality in the Miami metropolitan area, Atlantis boasts a rich history that dates back to its incorporation as a city in November 1894, predating even the bustling metropolis of Miami itself. Over the years, Atlantis has evolved into a thriving community renowned for its picturesque surroundings, vibrant neighborhoods, and strong sense of civic pride.

Elevating Community Living in Atlantis: Jilsa Management Leads the Way

At the heart of Atlantis’s vibrant community life is the invaluable role played by homeowners associations (HOAs), which serve as guardians of harmony, security, and prosperity within residential neighborhoods. Recognizing the importance of effective HOA management in enhancing the quality of community living, Jilsa Management emerges as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to supporting the diverse needs and aspirations of Atlantis residents.

With our tailored solutions, seasoned expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jilsa Management stands as the premier choice for HOA management in Atlantis. From financial stewardship to operational efficiency, Jilsa Management works closely with HOAs to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing each community, ensuring that residents enjoy a seamless and fulfilling living experience.

Located approximately 68 miles north of Downtown Miami, Atlantis benefits from its strategic position within the Miami metropolitan area, offering residents easy access to a wealth of cultural, recreational, and economic opportunities. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, Atlantis retains its distinct charm and tranquility, providing a serene sanctuary for residents to call home.

Through innovative technology, transparent communication, and a deep commitment to community engagement, Jilsa Management fosters a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie within Atlantis, bringing residents together to create memories and forge lifelong friendships. From organized events to educational workshops, Jilsa Management cultivates a vibrant social fabric that enriches the lives of Atlantis residents and strengthens the bonds that unite the community.

Atlantis continues to thrive and evolve, Jilsa Management remains steadfast in its dedication to elevating community living to new heights. With its unparalleled expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jilsa Management is proud to serve as the trusted partner of HOAs and residents alike, shaping a brighter future for Atlantis—one neighborhood at a time. And you’re ready to elevate your HOA or association get in contact with us today.


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Services Offerd

  • Allow multiple forms of payment for residents (E-check, Debit, Credit, Paper check).
  • Employee Payroll processing and set up.
  • Reserve Analysis creation and Implementation
  • Collect all assessments due to the association and deposit monies in applicable accounts.
  • Download and record lock-box electronic payment data.
  • Send collection letters to all delinquent accounts and post appropriate fees.
  • Prepare and submit delinquent account to association attorney.
  • Monitor and supervise the progress of lien and foreclosure attorney action.
  • Receive, review, verify, and submit for payment all invoices, utilities and contractual services.
  • Prepare checks ( with backup data) for association officer’s signatures if needed.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports reflecting the general ledger, monthly balance, Delinquency, and current income and expense of the association.
  • Maintain the integrity of financial records for the association C.P.A. year end report and tax returns.
  • Prepare annual budget for association review, adjustment, and approval.
  • Assist in filing the annual corporate uniform business report with the Florida Secretary of State.
  • Attend board meetings and the annual member meetings
  • Prepare and distribute all notices, proxies and ballots required for meetings.
  • Take and prepare minutes for the secretary if needed.
  • Email Board of Directors meeting packages before meetings including: agenda, minutes, financials, reports, and proposals.
  • Liaise with associations attorney, C.P.A., insurance agent and other professionals.
  • Act to enforce the associations governing documents through property inspections, issuing violations notices, working with fining committee and attending mediation hearings.
  • Maintain association records and provide supervised access to homeowners.
  • Supervise associations contractors, validate and review license and insurance of contractors working on the property.
  • Help develop scope of work and RFP to obtain competitive bids for maintenance and projects.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service line.
  • Assist homeowners with association business promptly and responsively.
  • Supervise sale and rental process for all tenants and new owners.
  • Create and implement new systems and forms for the association.
  • Maintain rent and lease database and require renewal of lease and approval.
  • Maintain up to date owner database with emergency contact information.
  • Onsite Inspections/Compliance visits.
  • Maintenance tracking and request system.
  • Architectural tracking and follow up processing.
  • Preventative maintenance tracking and implementation.
  • Online application and streamline interview process.
  • Online orientation process set up and implementation.
  • Streaming and interactive E-Board meetings
  • All documents accessible online and can be emailed in minutes.
  • Social Media association group set up and monitoring
  • Online payments cash, e-check, and credit/debit card
  • 24 hour maintenance call center with online portal for repair request and messaging.
  • Property manager scoring and review platform
  • 100% transparency with fees and charges.
  • Investing and studying new technologies to help your community prosper.
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